Kith + Kin

It’s not barn wood.
It’s better.

Kith + Kin™ decorative walls bring you the best of both worlds—an authentic reclaimed wood appearance with the cleanable surfaces and easy upkeep of engineered wood. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a brand dedicated to bring you products that make your home more beautiful and your life simpler.

  • The Kith + Kin Difference

    Kith + Kin decorative walls are built with both beauty and practicality in mind, enabling homeowners to enjoy modern home design aesthetic that is also family friendly.

  • PlankDesign

    Authentic Barn Wood Design

    Kith + Kin holds all the appeal of rustic barn wood, but our individual pieces boast a more consistent size and appearance that will give your space a clean aesthetic edge.

  • HandWash

    Easy Upkeep and Maintenance

    Kith + Kin planks are easy to maintain with a cleanable surface that will keep your space looking its best month after month, year after year.

  • Material

    Built to Protect Your Walls

    Kith + Kin walls are made of durable material with soft backing to protect your walls and increase sound insulation.

  • HammerSaw

    Easier to Install Than Barn Wood

    With its consistent shape and size, Kith + Kin decorative walls are much easier to install than real barn wood.

  • RainDrops


    Kith + Kin holds all the appeal of rustic barn wood, but our individual planks are designed and produced to resist moisture, fungal decay, and rot like traditional barn wood.

  • TShirt


    Thanks to its unique textured surface, Kith + Kin decorative walls are less likely to snag clothing or cause splinters—especially when compared to traditional barn wood.

How to Install

  • OpenBox


  • Alignment


  • Nails


  • Room


  • How Many Kith + Kin Planks Do You Need For Your Space?

  • Each box of Kith + Kin holds 20 square feet of planks. Here’s a quick tool to calculate how many boxes you need.

    Calculate My Wall Space